1. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a recent survey on the trend of brand product in Hong Kong, which was conducted in March 2001.In the meeting in February 2001, a concern was raised. Nowadays, people become more and more aware of their outlook. Mass media and celebrities encourage people to keep eyes on the fashion trend. It seemed that fashion was part of every day lives of people. People have the desire of using brand goods and it represents ones social status. Besides, there was a market for fake brand products in Hong Kong. Therefore, it was believed that brand products were definitely popular in the local market.


In order to find out the possible reasons for this, it was decided that a survey should be conducted to investigate the reasons why people purchase brand products. Subsequently, an opinion survey was carried out in March 2001. A total of 70 people were interviewed based on a simple questionnaire. A copy of the questionnaire is given at the appendix.


2. Findings


A total of 70 completed questionnaires were received representing 87.5% response rate. About half of the interviewees were male, the others were female. We classified the interviewees into 4 age groups. 43% of them were between 15 to 19. 50% of them were between 20 to 29. 4% of them were between 30 to 39. 3% of them were above 40.


More than half of the respondents were of the opinion that they bought designer brand name stuff. It was generally agreed that it was worth buying the brand stuff. 55% of them influenced by others in buying brand name stuff. Many of them were influenced most by friends, artists and idols.


Only a minority of the respondents felt that they would not buy designer brand name products. Most of them explained that brand name products were expensive. 44% of them thought it was not worth buying these products. Very few respondents felt they could not afford and unnecessary to have these stuff.


A large part of interviewees said that they wouldnt imitate the dressing style of their idol; about 18% of interviewees would imitate their idols. Also it reported that 18% interviewees were mostly in the age group of 15-19. There were several kind of things the interviewees would like to buy. It seemed most people prefer to buy clothes (67%), the second popular product was accessories (12%), and then shoes and bags (7%). Some people explained that the trend of fashion is changing at any time, so they need to buy clothes more frequent to make them looks trendy. The questionnaire also stated that the majority spent less than $1000 on clothing and accessories per month, only 3 people spent over 1,500 on them each month. The most popular shopping locations were the followings, MongKok (44%), Causeway Bay (25%) and Tsim Sha Tsui (15%). It showed that these places have many shops, especially brand shops.


About 37% of respondents went shopping once a week, and 27% interviewers said that they went shopping twice a week or once a month, only a few people would not go shopping more than six months. The income of the interviewees came from the following ways: working (54%), family support (24%), saving (24%) and pocket money (29%).


We also asked about fake brand name products, of the 70 responses, we discovered that the numbers of people who buy fake brand name product was similar to the numbers of those who would not buy. There are 38 people said that they buy fake brand name products and 32 people said that they would not buy fake brand name products. From the survey it showed the differences in percentage between people buy and would not buy fake brand name products was just 5%.


There were some reasons for those people who disagreed to buy the fake brand name products. Most people (28%) thought that the textures of the fake brand name products are poor. And 23% people stated that it was guilty to buy or use those products. Almost a quarter of the interviewees (21%) believed that the fake brand name products are usually short life, so they would not buy it. Another 10% of the interviewees supported the view that it is offend against intellectual property if they buying the fake brand name products. And also there were a few of interviewees (8%) thought that it against the law and 7% interviewees mentioned other reasons of buying fake brand name products.


We asked the interviewees for the reasons of choosing fake brand name products. It was found that more than half of the interviewees (61%) were of the opinion that the fake brand name products are relatively low price compare with the real one. Only a minority of interviewees were of the opinion that they seemed using the brand product (16%) and the products look exactly the same(14%). A few interviewees (7%) thought that the fake brand name products were more varieties in design and only 2% of interviewees mentioned other reasons for it.



Roughly half of the interviewees agreed that brand name represents the icon of trendy. They thought having designer brand products was a must of being trendy. The rest of them totally disagreed with brand name being connected to trendy. Approximately 57% of respondents reckoned that ones self-esteem should not build by brand name. It could not raise ones prestige. Altogether, 40 % of them thought that having the brand name stuff could absolutely raise ones self-esteem in the society. Only 30 % of them thought that being trendy is not related to what you wear. Finally, it was shown that the most four common ways of getting latest information about fashion trend were magazines (39%), TV programs (22%), friends (17%) and Internet (16%).


3. Conclusions & Recommendations

The survey clearly indicated that the interviewees in general were interested in buying brand name products. Most of them thought it was worth buying brand name staff. It is, obviously, the cause of fashion trend that blowing the designer products. People not only influenced by friends or artists to buy these things but also imitate the ways their idols wear. It seems that if you fail to wear stylishly or you would lag behind the trend. However, over one third of the people being interviewed would not purchase brand name products. In general, the price of brand products are higher the common ones. Due to most of the interviewees were students. They may not afford to buy expensive stuff.


Clothes and accessories are apparently the hot shopping items as people frequently use them. Besides, people have high spending on clothes and accessories each month. For the society, it may stimulate the economics in Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, most of them preferred to shop at Mongkok, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. It may be the reasons that the latest fashion trend and trendy items are centered in these places. You can buy a stylish outfit there. Therefore, it is always crowded in these districts in weekends and holidays.


There is a concern about brand name products. Sometimes people would buy fake brand name products without being guilty. Although fake products are comparatively cheaper than the real ones, however, it is totally against the law of intellectual property. It is recommended the government should take actions to stop this as soon as possible.


While people are keen on buying brand name products, the mass media such as magazines and TV programs always bring the latest fashion trend from the worldwide to the public. By all means, people inevitably thought wearing designer clothes could raise their self-esteem. More than this, they could show off in front of others.

On the whole, modern people are becoming more and more materialistic. People shouldnt build their social status on brand name items.